EASITC 2018 Taipei, Taiwan


Further Information


EASITC will take place at the Liberal Education Classroom Building, National Taiwan University, Taipei City, Taiwan

The place is located here

and it looks like this

Liberal Education Classroom Building @ NTU

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A map of the accommodations here

and a list is as follows
  1. 儷園飯店 Li Yuan Hotel
  2. 五月家青年旅舍台大館 May Rooms Taipei - NTU
  3. 谷墨商旅 師大館 Goodmore Hotel - Shida
  4. 公務人力發展中心福華國際文教會館 Howard Civil Service International House
  5. 捷絲旅臺大尊賢館 Just Sleep - NTU
  6. 臺大修齊會館 Hsiu Chi House - NTU

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