EASITC 2018 Taipei, Taiwan



The EASITC poster competition had four entries: the participants graded each poster and the ranking is as follows:

  1. Jeng-Shiun Ho, the winner!
  2. Cheng-Yu Wu
  3. Ariana Tulus Purnomo
  4. Minori Ihara

Photos of the participants and titles of the poster follow.

Pictures, Names & Titles

The copyright of these posters belongs to the authors.


The EASITC 2018 poster competition winner: Jeng-Shiun Ho with the poster titled "Delay-Optimal Scheduling for Heterogeneous Users in NOMA Networks".


In second place, Cheng-Yu Wu with the poter titled "Renyi Entropy Rate of Hidden Markov Processes".


In third place, Ariana Tulus Purnomo with the poster titled "Coded Quickest Classification for IoT applications".


In forth place, Minori Ihara with poster titled "Performance of Lasso from Linear Measurements with Large Coherence".
This poster will be presented at ISITA 2018.