EASITC 2018 Taipei, Taiwan


Student feedback messages

Please leave your feedback below to help the organizers improve the future EASITC! Your comments and complaints will help us do a better job the next time around.
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Feedback 1

Dear EASITC organizers,
Thank you for providing us the “short summer school” during the summer holiday. The lecture is very interesting and the topic is inspiring us to have wider knowledge at this era. We really like this program because it encourages us to think more about the current issues. The lunch is delicious and we really enjoy the social event. we have a lot of new friends during this program. We really like the “escaping room” game because it makes us closer to each other. We really like this program so much.

Feedback 2

1. 課程內容很棒! 2. 印度教授可以講慢點嗎? 3. 每天給ppt很用心 4. 可以不要太早嗎?(9:30剛好 5. 冷氣有時候有點冷,其他都很棒 6. 食物換別家 :( 午餐&點心 7. 都良好!密室逃脫很好玩,但太遠了

Feedback 3

1. 伙食很讚 2. 希望講者講可以一個段落,不要後面內容跳很快 3. 水果很棒!點心和主食很豐富

Feedback 4

1. 註冊 advanced topic,卻被歸為tutorial 2. should increase the time for poster session 3. the lecture may start at 10:00 am, since participants from far away will have to wake up quite early. 4. social events的表定時間都定太早

Feedback 5

1. poster competition 建議有個明確的time up,讓大家有個完整的時間聽完整個poster,以免中途開始參與會無法進入狀況 2. volunteer要事先安排好 3. 椅子太硬了